Cisal represents an important chapter in the history of Italian brassware. A long tradition of ingenuity, expertise and professionalism, applied and enhanced through respect and consideration for the people and the territory: Lake Orta, the area where the brassware district has grown for generations, as heritage of the Italian craftsmanship and creativeness.


Founded in 1952 by Liborio Soldi and named CISAL, the company has experienced the entire brassware era in the area of Lake Orta, from the very beginning one of the main scenes of this industry.


In 1980 architect Raffaella Vecchi designs the Arcana series, a historical, classical and iconic product that breaks new ground into the developing foreign markets in Europe, North America and Asia.


The pioneering research and development coordinated by Daniele Sirini produces the first single-lever ceramic disc cartridge. The new BLITZ opens the way to the exciting history of Cisal's mixer series.


In 1999 a new production plant is built, designed by architect Giampiero Peia and equipped with modern systems for cogeneration, electroplating and electronic warehouse.


In 2009 the Huber family, owner of Huber, leading manufacturer of thermostatic mixers, opt for a strategic step into the future by acquiring Cisal, in order to lead the company along a succesful path of technological and industrial development: through the combination of know-how, expertise and manufacturing capabilities, a diverse and complete range of integrated products is made available to designers and end customers, from thermostatic through single-lever to traditional mixers.


Karim Rashid presents the iconic taps he designed for the Cisal Vita collection. Vita stands out for the stylish personality of its modern, tree-inspired shapes.


Launch of the new website.

What's next?

Developing the new generation of smart products, helping people and respecting the planet through the sensible and sustainable use of water.