Respecting the environment is one of Cisal's mainstays. That is why we are committed to constant development of efficient and safe products, guaranteeing tangible water savings.


All our manufacturing processes are designed and operated so that water is protected and conserved.

Cisal is a traditional, yet innovative Italian company, future-oriented and increasingly attentive to the expectations of designers and users and to safeguarding an essential resource of the planet: water.


Reuse and Recycling

The chrome plating processes are based on continuous recirculation water cycles, ensuring maximum efficiency and conservation of water and energy, in compliance with the European environmental regulations.
Our galvanic plating plant operates within the highest possible level of the “AIA” environmental compliance framework.



Cisal's thermostatic mixers contribute to water and energy saving by quickly regulating temperature and maintaining it constant.


Circular Economy

Taps and mixers are essentially made out of brass, a high-quality alloy of copper and zinc. Thanks to the extraordinary capabilities of the Italian industrial sector, most of the metal we employ comes from reclamation and recycling; a concrete effort to re-use for the sake of sustainability, in the framework of a true circular economy.


No Wastefulness

We think that the environmental footprint can be also reduced by developing innovative products, leading to energy and water savings; by encouraging people to act.